Sunday, September 21, 2008

The ups and downs of life

The past week at work has just FLOWN by. I'm struggling with making what I do matter, to me or anyone else. I know that the work I do is important, it really is. Sadly it is monotonous and repetitive. I spend most of my day trying to make myself pay attention.

I'm not doing well at keeping my mind sharp. I need to start writing ever day. I need to get a gym so that I start putting my body in order. Once you've taken a look at the pictures of me, then you'll see what a monumental task it is. Yes, I've very self-deprecating. I don't know why i am this way, but now it is how I deal with the world. I have no reason to feel so insecure and any more, I just don't care to find out.

These are the four things I'm going to work on for the coming year: write more, get healthier (eat better and exercise more), bring the finances into order and being more forgiving of my work. Sounds so ambitious and more than a bit arrogant when I see it on the screen here. Still, that is my goal.

Friday night David was home as Danny was ill. Jen and I hung out and watched television. We took care of some of the stuff we'd taped.

Saturday I woke up as Jen was coming back to bed. She's still waking up early and hanging out. Sadly, this puts a crimp in her day. I went out and took care of the "icky" running around for the day: Bank, Bills, Pharmacy. I came back and Jen was still asleep. I played a game of Ages of Empire II on the computer, the first time I've done that for quite a while. Jen came out while I was playing, after David had gotten up and left for the day. I took a shower and we went out and ate at D&G's. We then went and saw Tropic Thunder. I must say, Jen may a GREAT call on this one. I haven't laughed like that in quite a while. The film was hitting all the right notes. We then came home and watched some television. Then I came home and called my Dad. We talked about everything and anything and not about the woes they are currently experiencing. Then Jen and I watched Lucky You, what can I say I' a sucker for happy endings plus it is Drew Barrymore.

The highlight of Saturday was the Chicago Cubs clinching the National League central division.

Sunday I woke up as Jen was coming back to bed. She was awake at an ungodly hour again. I went out the living room and to check my games on myspace and as I was coming back to bed Jen was falling asleep. I came back out and played Champions of Norrath for a while and then put in Resident Evil 4. I was doing well and I remember why I have a PS2. I love figuring things out. Honestly, it is what I love about programming. I love knowing that I have the tools to fix a problem and I love the feeling when I solve it.

Jen and I watched Blood Diamond. WOW..I'm surprised that they managed to actually produce this film. It is wonderful, in that I'm glad I saw it now make the nightmare stop sort of way. Besides it has Jennifer Connelly in it.

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