Saturday, October 25, 2008

Drudgery of life

I missed last weeks blog post. That seems to be the theme of this last week: lack of accomplishing goals. I know, I know, here he goes again bitching about his life. He has a job, a car, a home, enough to eat, he's meeting his bills (mostly) and yet he still bitches about how bad his life sucks.

To be honest, I know that my life isn't that bad. HONEST! Still, I try not to spill my vitriol all over my colleagues, friends and family. I use this place to come and sound off about things that I don't like in my life or more importantly things I want to improve about my life.

Overall I'm doing well in my life. I have Jen who loves me and accepts me for who I am, a truly exceptional and extraordinary gift.

I know that I have a job. However, I am not happy with where I am right now. I want to move up the ladder, so to speak, but it isn't working so well right now. I have been in my current position for almost three years now. I'm approximately two and a half months shy of that right now (Early January) I'm curious why I have gone anywhere right. I'm not used to not getting jobs that I want. Sadly, there is a glut of qualified people and I'm not as qualified as I need to be. I'll just keep on trying.

This week has been a bit rough. I've been under a bit of pressure, mostly self imposed. I'll get over it, however, it was still taxing. My co-worker is leaving for two weeks. This past Friday was her last day before leaving. This, too, will add some pressure on me. It will be up to me to keep everything running. Again, honestly, it won't be too bad. But, it will be additional work on top of what I'm already doing.

I've really been reflecting on what it means to be a writer. I haven't been writing much lately, quite a bit going on in my head, but nothing is flowing out to the paper. This is making my call into question if I am a writer or just an imaginative quack. Writers write.

Overall, things are going well and will continue to be so.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Extended Weekend

I took off early on Friday to deal with some computer issues. Sadly, I have a bad hard drive. That didn't me happy. Also, I didn't get off my duff and get the drive from the shop that tested it on Monday to the shop that sold it to me. I sure hope I can get it replaced, under warranty.

I realized that in January I'll have been in the booking Unit from three years in January. I had thought I would be there six months to a year. I guess I should just be happy I have a job at all.

I had a good weekend. Friday night Jen and I stayed in . I went out to get Italian Cheese Bread from Little Caesar's from across town. I was heading west on I-70 when I heard a squealing of tyres and see a car heading the opposite direction turn sideways and finish a full 180 degrees. I called 911 and I hope I helped out.

Saturday Jen and I got up. We read for a little while. Then watched some taped telly. We headed out to get snacks and food fro our weekly gaming session at D&E's. We stopped off at Wal-Mart and the went to Valhalla's Gate. I picked up the Lunar's source book for Exaled. I figure that if I'm going to be playing for a while I should have the rules for my character. The we hit Subway and Sonic. The over for the evening. It was a fun night. Danny is a very creative and inventive guy. I need to start writing more so I can work my imagination.

Sunday we got up and stopped by Quiznos for breakfast and headed out to Suavo's. Suavo, too, is an amazingly imaginative and innovative man. We played. Suavo is always good at testing us without being heavy handed. My Dwarf, Villus, nearly died. I got saved but I burned a ton of party resources. If I was more imaginative individual, I'd start a blog for my various characters. I may have to look into that.

We came home and Jen started playing Gauntlet: Dark Legacy in the bedroom. I wanted to read. Then I got the Wicked soundtrack. I want to see the musical even more. I'm hoping to get tickets for the weekend after Christmas.

I called my folks. They are going through a very difficult time. They've had to move out of their home in Idaho. I was unable to take time off of work and fly out to help them move. Knowing my fiscal or physical ability I'm still disappointed that I didn't find a way to aide them in their hour of need. When I called them I discovered that the church had sent an "army of angels" (their words) to assist my parents. I'm heartened to know that good can still happen.

Monday Jen and I laid in bed and read. Jen fell back to sleep and I finished Night Passage by Robert B Parker. I find it ironic that I'm reading this at the same time that Laurell K Hamilton is rereading the Spencer novels from the beginning. Night Passage is the first of the Jesse Stone series.

The only writing I've gotten done all weekend is this blog and some much neglected correspondence.

Have a good week.