Sunday, August 14, 2011


I am not happy with myself.

If you're still reading, understand this is not a recrimination or the start to a litany of complaints. I've just come to the understanding that I'm not happy with who I am and what I'm doing in my life. I'm tired of kepping on. I need to make changes and right now I know what I want some of them to be, I'm just not sure how realistic some of the changes are right now.

  • Work still sucks

    • I need to get a new job. I'm at the point in my life (just shy of 40) that I have to be sure I have a good motivation to move jobs.

    • I need to go back to school so I can get better jobs.

  • Money still sucks

    • I need to make a plan and stick to it.

    • I need to get my bills caught up and paid on time every time.

    • I need to get JD a vehicle so she can have more freedom to move around.

  • Romantic life is going awesome! JD completes me and just keeps putting up with my shite!

  • I have a weight goal of 225 pounds by next June. This is an approximate 80 pound loss on my part.

    • I know what I need to do:

      • Eat less

      • Exercise more

      • Stop making excuses for not doing the other two.

  • Writing

    • I am going to write a minimum of one blog post per week

    • I will work on stories nightly

      • I am going to try to finish one short story a month

    • I need to work on this more if I want to be happy!

Over all, I'm not terribly unhappy. I just need to make changes in my life to be happier. I'm am hoping to go see my folks in Idaho next year as I haven't been out to seem them since they've moved. I also hope to get to England in 2013. I want to see my family. I just missed my cousin's wedding and I feel like a slacker because I didn't go. This regret is tied up with my money issues!