Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sunday stuff

I'm still having trouble keeping up on my handwritten diary. Still, I'll keep plugging away. I'm taking part of today to work on some writing. I'm hoping to accomplish something other than pages that I'm not happy with.

I'm attempting to change the direction of my writing here. I feel that I always complain and talk about how my life isn't going well. I don't think that this truly is the case. I use this as a place to rant and rave about what I think is going on in the world. Part of what I do is try to communicate the things in my life that are frustrating me. In the end these are the things that I'm trying to work on for me. The things that frustrate me are my lack of writing and inventiveness, my inertia at work, the arrogance that I feel about knowing that I'm better than where I am and lastly my lack of accomplishment in my personal life.

Overall, there is nothing wrong with my life. I am very comfortable and am just about making ends meet. Hey, if you aren't living beyond means in this day and age you aren't an American. So, I come here and bitch to the mass about what isn't going right in my life. Ultimately, I'm the master of my own destiny. I am the one responsible for making sure that I do anything with my life.

This was a short week at work. I don't know why but the short week always seems to be longer. I got through it okay. I manged to solve a problem with an Excel worksheet that I've been thinking about. It was not the elegant solution that I'd hoped to achieve, but I did mange to get it resolved. I had my usual Friday lunch date with Brian, my old boss, we don't do much just go up to El Jimador and have lunch. Poor Jen, her boss had her last day on Friday. We all met up at Chevy's. I wasn't too impressed, honestly.

I left work, forgetting the short story collection I'm reading, and headed for the restaurant. I arrived and didn't see Jen. I'm not sure how long I was truly there, but I'm guesstimating an hour. I sat and talked to Jen's coworker Larry and his wife Candy. We had a nice time. I was at the far end from Jen's boss. One of the doctor's showed up, he seemed nice and very quiet. Jen finally arrived, the lady who'd brought her over to restaurant had taken her over to her house to get her girls. The side trip had taken a bit more than either of the expect. No big deal, but I was a bit worried until she arrived. We had dinner, I had my second Tex-Mex meal of the day. It wasn't bad, it just wasn't good. We stayed much later than I'd expected to. I know that I had had a good time and I'm fairly sure Jen did too. We came home and read for a bit.

Saturday we got up. Jen had been up since 0500. We read for a bit and then I went out to watch some telly while Jen got a few extra zees. I played around on the computer and watched Stargate: Atlantis. Jen got up and was moving around. We went out to the comic book store and over to Golden Corral to eat. We cruised home and hung out for a bit. Then went to the Wal-Mart on Grindstone Parkway. Then it was time to head over to Danny and Elaine's for our weekly game, this week was Rifts.

Elaine's best friend Merill was in from Saint Louis. Elaine's daughter Grace was prepping to go out to a wedding reception. Jen and I set up and got our characters ready. I have to say to don't think anyone was really into the game, but I had a good time. It was mostly us all talking, but it was fun. Danny it is a good GM and managed to run a game on the fly. We came home and crashed.

Today is mostly just watching telly, Balls of Fury and Crank for the most part and the Cubs game in the background. Jen has gotten me hooked on a new Myspace application. It is called Heroes and it is a bit addictive. We've been playing it back and forth.

I hope that you have a better one.

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