Sunday, September 28, 2008

Force Unleashed

Friday started off with Mouse, our cat, still hoarking. Jen was worried that there was blood in the fluid. I called off so that we could take her to the vet. We are lucky that our vet's office can work us in at short notice. Mouse is doing fine. I'm not sure what was wrong, but I'm glad that she's feeling better. Jen believes that it is the Pepcid that the doctor gave her helped her out. What ever it was I'm glad it worked.

Jen asked me to do some work on the house for her Partylite party next week. I got all pissy at the Pizza Hut. How dare she ask me to work when I'd taken the day off. I came home and got some stuff done. What I really did was work on the comic books and the books to get them sorted and start to figure out where we need to put stuff. Man, I had NO IDEA we'd had all those books in the living room. Still, over the course of the next week I'm sure that we'll get everything sorted out. When I went to pick Jen up I stopped in to grab a soda at hospital gift shop. The gal there is nice and friendly and we were chatting about life. She mentioned the other day that she is an art major, I told her that we knew an art major at MU and it turns out that she knows Suavo, they had a class together.

Saturday woke up early. I'm not sure how early she was up, but she was up and reading. Sadly, as usual as I was waking up she was going back to sleep. I slept until 1000. It was a bit scary I'd slept for nearly 12 hours. I'm thinking I was a bit closer to ill than I thought. We went out for lunch at D&G's and then stopped by Gerbe's to grab snacks. Then we headed over to Danny and Elaine's house. We were playing Exalted. We had a good time it went past midnight. We didn't get to sleep until 0230.

Jen was up at 0730. The stress from her temporary position is starting to effect her! I wish there was something I could do to help her. I'm trying to be supportive and helpful, but I don't think it is doing so well, to wit she's waking up way too early on the weekend. I joined Jen out in the living room. While we were watching some taped telly I asked Jen if she was coming with to Suavo's house. I mentioned that if she wanted to stay home, I'm sure that Suavo would understand. I don't think he was too happy, but understood that Jen wasn't duffing out on him, but needed to be close to home. David and I were the only two who showed. I forgot to bring the Kung-Fu coasters but remembered to tell him about the lady from the gift shop.

We played The Force Unleashed and Suavo kicked my arse all over the place in the duel mode. I have to say I showed my unsavory side. I don't like loosing and it doesn't help that Suavo is younger, smarter and more coordinated as well as knowing the system. I finally started gaining on him, but it took most of the afternoon and playing the actual story portion of the game for a while. If you read this man, I owe you Sauvo! I loved it.

I called my sister on the way home. We talked for nearly an hour. Then I called my folks. The conversation was short and tense, but not surprising given all that is going on right now. Not my story to tell. If you know great, if not you probably don't need to know.

The coming week promises to be interesting. Ani DiFranco is playing the Missouri Theatre on Tuesday night. Good times. I'll have to ask Jen how many times we've seen her now. Wednesday I'll have to call and get us tickets to the Wolf Howl by Laurell K Hamilton. Laurell (Look at me acting like I know her well enough to call her by her first name!)hosts a benefit for the Wild Canid Survival and Research Center in the autumn and the spring. We've been to 5 so far and this will be our sixth.

Then at the end of the month is Itzhak Perlman. Plus, I'm hoping to have money to go see Rodney Carrington when he plays Columbia and also The Dropkick Murphys when they play The Blue Note.

I hope that you all have a great week.

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