Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Life in the Fast Lane

What a week it has been here. My week started off finding out one of my co-workers had flown out on Sunday to be with her boyfriend in New York state. No worries, but a bit of a shock as she'd said she wasn't going on Friday. That made work a bit different as we were a person down, but the more important part is I needed to work closer with my nominal supervisor. Again, not a big deal but it is a bit more than I'm used to. Still, I managed to get quite a bit done this week.

On Tuesday Jen and I went to see the Eagles. I am so glad we got to go. Since Jen is an employee of the University of Missouri we got tickets at a reduced price. The concert was awesome. They've returned to the original, electric, version of Hotel California. I took years to adjust to the Hell Freezes Over album version. I've now gotten to the point where I like it. The concert was wonderful. They looked liked they were having a good time. I really enjoyed seeing Don Henley and Glen Fry play live. Joe Walsh was amazing. Although I'm convinced Joe has no idea where he is most of the time. I didn't know Timothy B Schmit before Tuesday, but he was excellent. I didn't realize that he contributed lead vocals on several of the Eagles tunes.

After the concert Jen and I stayed behind to let some of the traffic clear out. I was amazed at that small army that emerged to breakdown the stage and associated equipment (the media pit and hanging screens). The worst part of it was seeing all of the garbage that was left behind. I was really disappointed in the amount of detritus that was left for someone else behind for someone else to clean up.

We left the concert and still had a few errands to run. We stopped by Walmart to get milk, QuikTrip to get petrol and by McDonald's to get some fuel. We didn't get to bed until almost 0130.

Wednesday was a tad rough. Jen had a meeting that she had to lead at 0700. Poor girl. We got through the rest of the week relatively unscathed.

Friday we watched both the Penultimate and the Ultimate episodes of Battle Star Galactica. I was very impressed. Even thought I do agree with Assmonkey over at livejournal that there was a high level of the Hitch hiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Saturday Jen and I watch more telly and then headed over to Danny and Elaine's place for Exalted game. Things are going along well there. Although I'm not sure that we are going in the direction Danny wants us to go. Still, I think he's rolling with the punches very well.

Sunday we watched more telly and eventually went to G&D's Steakhouse for dinner with Danny, Elaine and Grace. We had a good meal. Then we went and got some custard and then headed over to their house for a bit. They were watching The Celebrity Apprentice. We came home and finished some laundry. Then it was bedtime.

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