Sunday, February 22, 2009

Accident Protection is my friend

The week at work was very difficult. Sadly with the day off we had the dual problem of the same amount of work to do in a week and one less day to do it all in. To be fair, the week wasn't all that bad, but I felt the pressure of time. Jen didn't have Monday off and had to still seemed to have less time to get things done than she needed.

When Friday arrived Jen and I came home and watched our regular line up of Friday night shows: Monk and Psych amongst them.

Saturday morning Jen and I were sitting in the living room watching television when the telephone rang. We didn't answer it, but I wanted to be sure I didn't miss anything important. I stepped in and listened to the answering machine. Best Buy was calling to inform me my computer was not going to be repaired so I should come down to the store to discuss replacing it. After a while Jen and I got dressed and headed out. We went to lunch at G&D Steakhouse, which was wonderful but the state wrestling tournament was in town and they were very crowded. We stepped over to Best Buy when we were done. We had to sort through some paperwork to get things ready. We were told they were going to replace the computer with something equivalent to what we had bought in November '06. (Go ahead and laugh, they don't make 'em that slow any more) We told the lady we had just bought a new Toshiba on Sunday and if it was acceptable we'd like to replace our old one with one of those. You guessed it, I'm writing this while watching the Oscars on my new Toshiba laptop.

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